The top 10 peanut exporters in the world; Argentina leads

Argentina was the first country among the largest peanut exporters in the world in 2020, with sales of 860 million dollars.

Next they were located: India (750 million dollars), the United States (575 million) and Brazil (319 million).

Peanuts are a summer legume whose harvesting process is divided into two stages: (1) excavation, which involves loosening the plant, cutting the main root and inverting the plant; and (2) combination, which means separating the pods from the vines.

According to Adecoagro, a leading agro-industrial company in South America, with operations in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, peanut planting activities begin in October and excavation activities take place approximately 150 days after planting.

In particular, all the peanuts grown in Argentina are rich in oleic acid. The province of Córdoba is the largest peanut producing area in that country due to its optimal agroclimatic conditions, which has led many processing industries to settle there.

Argentina is positioned among the most important players in the production and export of this crop, with high technological levels both in terms of production and processing.

Likewise, Argentina exports more than 90% of the peanuts it produces and its main market is the European Union, followed by Russia and Latin America. Its main competitors are the United States, Brazil and China.

Peanut exporters

For Adecoagro, peanuts represented 0.2% of its total consolidated sales in 2018, after which that portion rose to 3.3 in 2019 and 5.7% in 2020.

Since the beginning of 2019, the company owns and operates a state-of-the-art peanut processing plant, which has been granted all necessary export certifications and permits.

This vertical integration is in line with your strategy to grow your peanut business, as it allows you to control processing activities and develop direct and long-term relationships with different customers around the world.

Other leading world peanut exporters in 2020 were: Sudan ($ 305 million in foreign sales), the Netherlands ($ 237 million), China (205 million), Senegal (198 million), Myanmar ($ 172 million) and Nicaragua ( 90 million), according to WTO data.


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