The top 10 customs in Mexico by number of operations in 2020

Nuevo Laredo led the list of the main customs in Mexico by number of operations in 2020, according to information from the SHCP.

In descending order, the following were positioned: Ciudad Juárez, Tijuana, AICM, Ciudad Reynosa, Colombia, Nogales, Guadalajara, Manzanillo and Piedras Negras.

In sum, this ten customs offices carried out 90 million 617,000 operations, which represents 74.3% of the total.

Among the leaders, the figures were as follows:

  • Nuevo Laredo added 28 million 437,000 operations.
  • Ciudad Juárez totaled 11 million 382,000 operations.
  • Tijuana carried out 11 million 251,000 operations.

In general, customs are public administrative offices that are established in the places of entry or exit from the country, dependent on the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Some of its functions are: to collect taxes and other rights that are in its charge, to control the entry and exit of merchandise and to enforce the laws that refer to this branch, and those that are related to it, such as health, communications , migratory, etc.

Customs and SHCP

This agency is responsible for organizing and directing customs and inspection services, as well as collecting taxes and duties, among others, in the terms of applicable laws and monitoring and ensuring compliance with tax provisions.

For the fulfillment of these functions, it relies on a decentralized administrative body, which is the SAT, to which the General Customs Administration (AGA) belongs, in charge of controlling the customs that exist in the national territory.

In this sense, the main function of the AGA is to facilitate, monitor and control the entry and exit of goods and passengers from the national territory, as well as the means in which they are transported, ensuring compliance with the provisions on exterior trade has issued the SHCP, as well as other secretariats of the Federal Executive with competence for it.

Principales aduanas de México por número de operaciones 

Likewise, the AGA supports the functions of guaranteeing national security; protect the country’s economy, public health and the environment, preventing the flow of dangerous or illegal goods to Mexico, in addition to promoting voluntary compliance with these provisions by users.

To fulfill these functions, in Mexico there are 49 customs:

  • 21 border customs (19 on the northern border and 2 on the southern border).
  • 17 maritime customs.
  • 11 interiors.