The SHCP registers an 18% increase in the number of foreign trade requests

The SHCP of Mexico registered an 18% year-on-year growth in the number of foreign trade requests (import and export) from January to September 2021.

Thus, 7 million 390,400 transactions were reached in that period.

With the pedimentos, the declarations in electronic documents, the compliance with the laws that tax and regulate the entry or exit of merchandise from the national territory are generated and transmitted.

Number of foreign trade requests

These documents contain the information related to the merchandise, the traffic and customs regime to which they are destined, and the other data required to comply with the formalities of their entry or exit from the national territory, as well as that required in accordance with the applicable provisions.


In general, those who introduce or extract merchandise from the national territory, assigning them to a customs regime, are obliged to transmit to the customs authorities, through the customs electronic system, in an electronic document, a request with information regarding the aforementioned merchandise.

While import requests totaled 5 million 342,600 in the first nine months of the current year, an increase of 19.1%, export requests were 2 million 047,800, an increase of 15.3%, at annual rates.

The requests must be fulfilled in the terms and conditions established by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) through rules, using the advanced electronic signature, the digital seal or another technological means of identification.

Said request shall be presented to the customs authority in a technological device or in electronic means, together with the goods, in order to activate the automated selection mechanism.

The device or means must have the technical elements that allow the reading of the information contained therein, including that relating to the motions; Except in cases where a printout of the motion must be provided with the corresponding information, which will be printed with the barcode.

The foregoing in the terms and conditions that the SAT establishes through rules.


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