The Mexican Railroad Association (AMF) elects its new President

The Mexican Railroad Association (AMF) elected Alfredo Casar Pérez as its new President.

Casar Pérez serves as Executive President of Grupo México Transportes.

In general, Mexico‘s rail system is divided into three regional lines, several short lines, and a rail terminal in the Valley of Mexico.

During 2020, Mexico’s rail system transported 120.4 million tons of cargo, a decrease of 3.8% compared to 2019.

In turn, the transport of exports by train decreased 4.3% from 22.3 million tons in 2019 to 21.3 million tons in 2020, while the transport of imports decreased by 4.7% from 66.0 million tons in 2019 to 62, 9 million tons in 2020.

Mexican Railroad Association

Among other matters, the Railway Transport Regulatory Agency regulates the operation of the railways, rights of way and way, competition between carriers and the rates that can be charged. No new concessions were made during 2019 and 2020.

The Government has also granted private sector companies the right to provide passenger rail transportation services and property rights in the terminal in the Valley of Mexico, as well as an allocation to the state of Jalisco to provide rail transportation for tourist purposes in a part of the North-Pacific railroad.

With the participation of the directors of Ferromex, Ferrosur, Ferrovalle and Kansas City Southern de México, the Mexican Railroad Association held the election at its Annual Assembly.

Casar Pérez has more than two decades of experience in the freight rail sector in Mexico and this is the second time that he assumes the Presidency of the AMF.

As part of the work agenda for the new presidency, three main actions were outlined, according to a statement from the AMF:

Strengthen communication bridges with authorities at the three levels of government and the legislature to address the main challenges of the sector, blockades, insecurity and legal certainty.

Seek public policy mechanisms that promote greater participation of the railroad in the land freight market.

Influence the public agenda to raise awareness about the need to promote actions in favor of rail road safety.


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