The main food companies in Mexico City

Major processed food companies, such as Nestlé, Pepsico, Danone, Conagra Foods, Unilever, Lala, Herdez, Bimbo, La Costeña, GRUMA, Sigma, Mondelez and Coca-Cola, had primary production facilities in Mexico City, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report.

Historically, Mexico City’s economy included more industrial production, services, and a large administrative sector.

However, changes in environmental regulations forced many factories to relocate out of the city, although most companies maintained their corporate headquarters within Mexico City.

Although some industrial manufacturing continues (about 10% of Mexico City’s GDP), the tertiary sector now accounts for 83% of the city’s GDP, with the construction industry adding another 6 percent.

A 2022 Economic Census showed that the «Retail Trade, Other Services except Government Activities, and Temporary Accommodation and Food and Beverage Preparation Services» sector accounted for the majority of the city’s economic units.

In 2021, five Mexican cities were included among the 10 with the highest local purchasing power in Latin America and the Caribbean, with Mexico City in tenth place.

Food Companies

Mexico City attracts many people from inside and outside Mexico. From within Mexico, the majority of income comes from the State of Mexico, Veracruz and Puebla.

Also, the USDA indicates that U.S. citizens represent the largest number of international immigrants in Mexico City (11,200), followed by Venezuela (7,950) and Colombia (4,750), considering the last five years.

The main reasons for migrating to Mexico City are economic, family, and housing.

Along with Mexico City’s significant economic contributions is its high Human Development Index (HDI) score of 0.837 (Mexico’s national HDI score is 0.7744).

In 2019, the Benito Juarez and Miguel Hidalgo delegations achieved an HDI of 0.944 and 0.917, respectively, roughly on par with Switzerland‘s score of 0.942).

In 2020, Greater Mexico City was the ninth most populous urban center in the world and the largest city in the Americas.


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