The first SME Dialogue of the USMCA is convened

The SME Affairs Committee will convene the first SME Dialogue of the USMCA from October 13 to 14, in San Antonio, Texas.

«(The) governments will engage directly with diverse groups of small business stakeholders, including those owned by women, indigenous peoples, and other under-represented groups, to help ensure that everyone is included in the Treaty and can benefit from it.» the governments of Mexico, the United States and Canada said in a joint statement.

Chapter 25, on small and medium-sized enterprises, recognizes «the fundamental role of SMEs in maintaining the dynamism and improving the competitiveness of their respective economies,» for which reason it aims for Mexico, the United States, and Canada to promote close cooperation between these companies from the three countries and that they cooperate to promote their growth and employment.


Article 25.4 establishes the Committee for SME Affairs, or SME Committee, which will be made up of government representatives and must:

  • Identify ways to help SMEs.
  • Encourage greater cooperation.
  • Exchange and analyze best practices.
  • Develop and promote seminars, workshops and other activities to inform about the benefits that the USMCA brings to its SMEs.
  • Facilitate the advice of programs for these companies, among others.

The Committee held its first meeting on September 23, 2020, during which government officials from the three countries presented the different programs to support the sector.

Then, the second meeting was held on January 13, 2021 and served to recapitulate the training actions that officials from the three countries have carried out for the implementation of Treaty provisions that affect SMEs, as well as activities in favor of they.

The USMCA Parties have agreed to continue holding outreach meetings with underserved communities and to hold a meeting of Commercial Vice Ministers and Deputy Commercial Representative, before the end of 2021, to assess progress in the areas highlighted today and identify continued opportunities for our work. future.