The 9 winning companies of the 2020 National Export Award

The Ministry of Economy and the Comce announced this Thursday the nine winning companies of the 2020 National Export Award.


Small Industrial Exporting Companies.

(National Export Award 2020).


They receive the Award:

➢ Lic. Erick Lomelí Quintero / General Manager.

➢ Lic. Enrique Ornelas Arzate / General Director.

Company located in Jalisco. Company dedicated to the manufacture of sweets and lollipops.

The innovation they carried out in their production process stands out, adapting their machinery to achieve 3D designs, thus achieving greater competitiveness since they present perfectly defined figures.

They made exports for 71.7 million pesos and exported to more than 25 countries.

They participate in international fairs specialized in Business Missions.

Export products: Popsicles and sweets.

Export markets: United States, Central America, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile, El Caribbean, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


Medium Industrial Exporting Companies

(National Export Award 2020).

Winning Company: TEQUILA DEL SEÑOR, S.A. DE C.V.

They receive the Award:

➢ Mr. Manuel García Villegas / General Director.

➢ Lic. Ana Evelia Moreno Sánchez / International Sales and Marketing Manager.

Jalisco located company. Tequila production company focused on non-traditional markets, achieving sustained growth due to its marketing work and the quality of its products and customer service. It has certificates of koshier, ISO-22000, clean and sustainable technologies in the agave-tequila chain.

Export products: 100% agave tequila.

Export markets: Exports to 26 countries, the main ones being the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Japan, and India.


Large Industrial Exporting Companies

(National Export Award 2020).

Winning Company: NAVISTAR MEXICO, S.A. OF R.L. DE C.V.

They receive the Award:

➢ Ing. Óscar Alejandro Ruiz Andraca.

➢ Lic. José de Jesús Alday Macias.

Company located in Nuevo León. Dedicated to the production and assembly of heavy and medium trucks and tractors. It produces 212 units per day, with national supply of 40% and 55% of the United States, having a regional content of more than 90%. It generates 4,066 jobs and maintains linkage programs with universities for the development of research and professional practices with continuous improvement programs in the production process.

Export products: Heavy, medium and light trucks and tractors.

Export markets: Exports to 10 countries, mainly the United States and South America.


Large Agricultural Exporting Companies

(National Export Award 2020).

Winning Company: MAZ INDUSTRIAL, S.A. DE C.V.

They receive the Award:

➢ José Eduvigildo Carranza Beltrán, President of the Council

➢ Ing. Armando Coppel Azcona, General Director

Company located in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Company dedicated to the production of flour and oil for human consumption, soluble hydrolyzed fish with Omega 3 nutritional value, carrying out a circular economy. Among its main uses, the plant has several quality certificates and produces hydrolyzed liquid or powdered proteins for pets. It bases its success on the sustainability and quality of its products. It exports 800 million pesos. Export products: Sardine and tuna soluble oil, hydrolyzed liquid or powdered proteins for pets.

Export markets: Exports to more than 20 countries complying with international standards of quality and safety and social responsibility among the main countries are China, the United States, Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru.


Manufacturing, Maquiladora or Export Service Companies (IMMEX)

(National Export Award 2020).


They receive the award:

➢ Lic. David Segura / Vice President of Operations Mexico

➢ Lic. Guillermo del Río / Senior Director Business Development and Relations with government.

Company located in Zapopan, Jal. Export maquiladora company, has been operating for 20 years and exports to 54 countries with 102 clients and exported $ 35,700 million pesos in 2019. The production processes are high technology and it has continuous improvement and innovation programs, it has an intensive training program for its staff.

Export Products: Electromechanical and Electromechanical Products


Exporting Trading Companies (Small, Medium and Large)

(National Export Award 2020).


They receive the Award:

➢ Heriberto Vlaminck Seidel, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Company located in Sinaloa. Vegetable trading company, mainly tomato, jalapeño, poblano, pepper, cucumber, mango and lemons. Exporting 95% to the United States supported by distribution warehouses in McCallen Texas, San Diego California and Miami. It has supported the development of suppliers in 12 states of the Republic advising farmers and supporting them financially. It currently has 355 clients in the United States and is consolidated as a reliable supplier with high quality products.

Export Products: Tomato, jalapeño peppers, poblano peppers, peppers, cucumbers, mangoes and lemons.

Export Markets: United States.


Service exporting companies

(National Export Award 2020)

Winning Company: COMERCIO INTERNACIONAL MEXICANO, S.A. DE C.V. (Business Kids).

They receive the Award:

➢ María del Carmen Cabrera Cisneros

Corporate located in Mexico City, subsidiaries in Dallas, Texas and Madrid, Spain. Through children’s entrepreneurship they contribute to developing more and better future entrepreneurs, honest and committed to social development. It has 98 child entrepreneurship centers, more than 600 schools run their child entrepreneurship program, more than 70,000 child entrepreneurs.

Export products: First child entrepreneurial development program in the world. Leading child entrepreneurship program in Mexico and in the world.

Export markets: Presence in 15 countries on 4 continents: Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Colombia, United States, Spain, Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Turkey, Czech Republic and India. Company located in Mexico City.


Service providers

(National Export Award 2020)


They receive the Award:

➢ Sandra Guadalupe García De Hoyos – Director

➢ Perla Cecilia Karr Cuevas – Trade Compliance Manager

Company located in Monterrey, NL, Through consulting is dedicated to supporting exporting companies in their operational processes and compliance with foreign trade regulations, among others, they support the operation and comprehensive administration of the IMMEX program. They developed their own software to ensure compliance with management, reports, foreign trade procedures and customs operations. Its staff is highly specialized and the majority is female. They mainly support the export of the sectors, aerospace, automotive, medical devices and electronics.

Export Products: Advice and consultancy


Foreign Trade Promotion Organizations

(National Export Award 2020).

Winning Company: APEAM, A.C.

They receive the Award:

➢ Mr. Gabriel Villaseñor Zurita, President of APEAM, A.C.

➢ Mr. José Luis Gallardo Anguiano, Treasurer of APEAM, A.C.

Company located in Michoacán. Support for the production and export of Avocado, started by supporting 4 municipalities, now they have support for 43 municipalities, with 44 thousand orchards and more than 142 thousand hectares. It exports 85% of its production to the United States of America, 5% to Japan, 5% to Canada, 2% to Central America, 2% to Europe and 1% to Asia. Among its achievements are the increase in per capita consumption between 2010 and 2018 grew by 94%. Exports in the 2019-2020 season were 138 thousand tons.

Export products: Avocado

Export markets: United States, Japan, Canada, Central America, Europe and Asia.