The 7 changes in Kimberly-Clark plants in Mexico

Kimberly-Clark de México (KCM) specified seven changes in the production lines of its plants in the country during its 2021 exercise.

KCM is a Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and marketing of cleaning, care and personal hygiene products.

To begin with, in its Personal Care business, the startups of machinery and equipment for export products and nonwoven fabrics stand out, such as Huggies Snug and Dry diapers, WypAll dry cleaning wipes, distribution cover ffor converting on Kimberly-Clark North America diaper lines and laminated cover for converting safety clothing at Kimberly-Clark Professional.

Likewise, the company highlighted a line of wet towels for surfaces in jar presentation at the Tlaxcala plant, the start-up of equipment for the production of Escudo antiseptic gel at the Toluca plant, and a PET bottle injection line for liquid soap Escudo at the Evenflo plant.

On the other hand, Kimberly-Clark de México incorporated the third line of Kleenex disposable masks in size for children in the Prosede plant.

Finally, the company acquired equipment to increase the capacity of the wide-neck bottle in the Evenflo plant, as well as automated packaging and palletizing systems in the different personal care operations.

In Tissue, at the Texmelucan plant, Kimberly-Clark de México started a new line of interfolded towels to meet the growing demand for products for its Professional division.

Kimberly-Clark de México

At the Bajío plant, the company began operations of a new Servitoalla line, which allows it to modernize its value proposition to the market and reinforce its vision of remaining leaders in technology; for its Pétalo and Suavel brands in the hygienic category, it installed new embossing rollers with the best lamination technology to, in addition to modernizing these brands, have greater flexibility and efficiency in operations.

In practically all of its wadding machines, Kimberly-Clark de México installed new and modern equipment to mechanically improve the characteristics of its fibers and achieve maximum development of all its properties, which gives us better products at lower costs and a more efficient use of resources.


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