The 61 main suppliers of Grupo Carso

Grupo Carso highlighted 61 of its raw material suppliers, including Siemens, Mexichem, Nippon Steel, HP and Samsung.

In the case of electrical harnesses from the automotive division, the main raw materials are electrical cables supplied by Cordaflex, in addition there are electrical connection components such as terminals, seals, connectors, tubes and tapes, where the supply of Aptiv, Sumitomo, Tyco, Molex, Yazaki, Coroplast, and JST.

Grupo Carso is a conglomerate with a presence in various sectors of the Mexican economy. The main businesses of the Group are concentrated in the following divisions: Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure and Construction and Energy.

Each of the company’s companies operates autonomously and independently, coordinated through the Carso Board of Directors, seeking to make the operation of each of these more efficient, obtaining operating synergies within the Company and maintaining flat structures that derive in orderly growth with adequate profitability.

Grupo Carso

The main direct raw materials subject to transformation for the production of goods are:


Grupo México, Varmoxz, Arzyz, Comercial, Riisa.


Dow, Borealis, Polyone, Equistar, Cabopol, Sacopolymer, BDK.


Varmoxz, Arzyz Comercial.

Packing material

EMBBA Corrugated, Cartogreen, Litogràfica Ortega.



Steel wires

Aceros Camesa, Steel, Haselik, Colombian Company.


Wood Manufacturer, Wood Industry, Reels and Coils.

Optical fiber

Corning, Inc.


Mexichem, Compounds Resins and Materials, Dupont Hysol.


Ronetool, HJ International, Insulator, Eich Weidman.

Diesel and gas

Petróleos Mexicanos.


Steel Tubes, AHMSA, Villacero, Tamsa, Welspun.


ExxonMobil of Mexico, Mexichem.

Copper tapes

National Copper.

Electrical steel

Nippon Steel, Sumitomo, AK Steel, Thysen, Posco.


ABB, Trench, H-J International, Siemens, HSP.

Control equipment

Siemens, Schneider, ORTO, Qualitrol, Fronius.

PV panels

Solarever, Excelsolar.

Automation equipment and VPN’s

Schneider, UTC, Triplite, HP, Samsung.


Highbay, Enphafe and Sundopt.

Grupo Sanborns

Grupo Sanborns operates predominantly through direct sales to final consumers, which it does through 439 points of sale.

At the end of the fourth quarter of 2020, Grupo Sanborns, made up of a chain of 153 establishments with restaurant and store operations, 1 Sanborns Home & Fashion, 22 Sanborns Café, 45 music stores, 94 iShop stores, 97 Sears department stores, 1 boutiques, 25 Dax stores, 1 Saks Fifth Avenue as well as 2 shopping malls.

Grupo Sanborns also has electronic pages, through which products such as appliances, clothing, records, books, toys, photography items, perfumes, audio and video equipment, among others, are promoted.

Regarding the real estate sector, it operates 2 shopping centers, Plaza Inbursa and Plaza Loreto.


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