The 6 main wine exporters to Mexico

Spain and Italy were positioned as the main wine exporters to Mexico in the first quarter of 2020.

Mexico ranks among the countries with the fastest growing wine consumption worldwide (albeit from a low base), making it a fascinating market for european exporters.

Mexican wine imports totaled $ 56.9 million from January to March 2020, a 0.5% year-on-year rise, according to data from the Ministry of the Economy.

Among the main wine exporters, Spain sold this product for a value of 16.5 million dollars in the first quarter, followed by Italy (10.6 million) and France (9.6 million).

Driven by the popularity that wine has been gaining among new categories of consumers, primarily women and youth, sales were experiencing high growth rates even before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wine exporters

According to an analysis by the European Commission, per capita wine consumption in Mexico, which is very low compared to other Latin American countries (especially Argentina and Uruguay), was quite moderate between 2012 and 2017.

However, per capita wine consumption is expected to remain generally stable in the coming years. Red wine is an exception. In 2017, per capita consumption varied between categories, from less than 0.1 liters (rosé wine) to 0.5 liters (red wine).

According to the analysis, while middle-aged men in the middle and upper income segments account for a large portion of wine consumers, the popularity of wine among men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 is growing.

Younger consumers often prefer white wines, although they are also eager to try new products. As women perform full-time jobs, more women see their purchasing power increase, allowing them to buy wine more frequently.

Other notable wine exporters to Mexico in the first quarter were: Chile ($ 8.5 million), Argentina ($ 5.3 million) and the United States ($ 5.2 million).

Purchase criteria are not the same for all consumer segments. High-income consumers, for example, are more likely to be influenced by the quality of a product and brand recognition, with the country of origin being an important factor (France, Spain and Italy are particularly popular).

While younger consumers are more sensitive to taste and price, women, on the other hand, pay attention to the health aspect. Additionally, purchase criteria vary by season or weather; In warmer areas or during the summer, consumers are more likely to opt for light, fresh or sweeter wines.