The 3 largest exporters of alumina

Australia, Brazil and Ireland ranked as the world’s largest exporters of alumina in 2021, needed for aluminum production.

Ahead of all and by far, Australia led foreign sales of alumina last year, registering 5,769 million dollars.

Then Brazil (2,868 million dollars) and Ireland (720 million) were placed.

Conversely, Russia, Canada and China dominate imports of this product.

According to the Aluminum Corporation of China Limited, China is a big country in the aluminum industry, ranking first in the world in production and consumption for 20 consecutive years.

China is also the world’s largest producer and consumer of alumina and electrolytic aluminum.

In 2020, the production of alumina and electrolytic aluminum in China was around 71 million tons and 37.3 million tons respectively, accounting for 53.4 and 57.1% of world production.

The production and consumption of alumina and electrolytic aluminum in China exceed half that of the world.

In early 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, the world economy suffered severe setbacks, logistics and transportation were blocked, and companies were forced to suspend production.

As the epidemic got better, countries introduced flexible fiscal policies to support the economy, and the aluminum consuming industry recovered to a certain extent.


With a clear and pragmatic development strategy, Aluminum Corporation of China’s goal is to become a world-class aluminum company with global competitiveness.

The company’s alumina production capacity ranks first in the world, primary aluminum production capacity ranks second in the world, carbon production capacity ranks first in the world, and production capacity of fine alumina ranks first in the world.

In general, the company’s main business is the extraction of bauxite, coal and other resources, the production and sale of alumina products, coal, primary aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Due to environmental protection, alumina cost pressure and other factors, some alumina companies in Shanxi and Henan have reduced production lines.


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