The 3 clients of Intel: Dell, Lenovo and HP

Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker by revenue, counts Dell, Lenovo and HP among its biggest customers.

In 2021, these three customers accounted for 43% of Intel’s net revenue (39% in 2020 and 41% in 2019), with Dell accounting for 21% (17% in 2020 and 17% in 2019), Lenovo 12% (12% in 2020 and 13% in 2019), and HP 10% (10% in 2020 and 11% in 2019).

These three clients had coverage of 42% of their accounts receivable as of December 25, 2021 (43% as of December 26, 2020).

Substantially all revenue from these customers came from the sale of platforms and other components by the CCG and DCG operating segments.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, time spent on personal computers (PCs) has increased dramatically across all major usage categories, as has PCs per household, reinforcing the importance of bringing to market innovative platforms and form factors that unlock real-world experiences.

Intel expects this trend to continue in a post-pandemic world, driving year-over-year growth in revenue.

The ecosystem ships more than a million PC units per day, and Intel believes there is sustained strength in demand for laptops.

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has driven important behavioral changes that have positioned the PC as an essential tool in people’s lives.


PC density, or PCs per household, is increasing as Covid-19 has irreversibly changed the way people focus, create, connect and care.

Additionally, we continue to see an increase in PCs per student.

There is a significant opportunity in the business segment, driven by the upgrade of older Windows devices.

Currently, there are about 140 million devices that are more than four years old.

The experience and capabilities delivered on new PCs are dramatically better today, reinforcing the opportunity to drive an upgrade cycle among enterprise customers.


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