The 10 largest importers of pork in the world in 2020

China reached the first position among the largest importers of pork in the world during 2020.

Foreign purchases from that nation totaled 30.272 million dollars, indicate statistics from the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Japan (10,285 million), the United States (9,455 million) and Germany (7,084 million) were immediately placed.

Today, China is the world’s largest pork production and consumption market.

In general, pork is deeply ingrained in Chinese culture and diet.

Although China’s pork production volume has historically grown steadily, there has been a constant gap between supply and demand for pork.

Importers of pork

World external purchases of pork totaled 134.911 million dollars in 2020.

Other relevant pork importers were: Hong Kong ($ 5.264 million), South Korea ($ 4.967 million), United Kingdom ($ 4.890 million), Italy ($ 4.722 million), France ($ 4.519 million) and the Netherlands ($ 4.113 million) ).

Among the companies that produce pork in the world are: WH Group (China), CP Group (Thailand), Wen’s Food Group (China), Triumph Foods (United States), BRF (Brazil), NongHyup Agribusiness (South Korea) ), Cooperl Arc Atlantique (France), The Maschhoffs (United States), Seaboard Corp. (United States) and Vall Companys Grupo (Spain).

Meat prices

The FAO Meat Price Index averaged 110.3 points in July, slightly above June, putting the index 19.6% above the corresponding month last year.

Also in July, poultry meat prices rose the most, supported by rising imports from East Asia amid limited production expansions in some producing regions, while sheep meat prices rose due to high import purchases and seasonal decline in supplies from Oceania.

In particular, beef prices strengthened, reflecting the tightening of world markets due to declining supplies from major producing regions and continued high imports, especially from China.

By contrast, pork prices fell, following a fall in imports from China, despite limited supplies from Germany due to the spread of African swine fever in some pig farms.


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