The 10 largest exporters and importers of soy in the world

The top 10 exporters and importers of soy in the world in 1995 and 2019 were identified by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Although in 1995 the dominant exporter was the United States, which accounted for almost 75% of world exports, its share decreased to 37% in 2019 and was surpassed by Brazil.

Argentina ranked third in both years.

Although the United States’ share declined markedly, the value of its exports more than tripled between 1995 and 2019 (from $ 5.4 billion to $ 18.7 billion).

However, the increase in the value of Brazil’s soy exports was significantly higher during the same period (from $ 800 million to $ 26.1 billion).

The top 10 exporters accounted for almost 100% of world soybean exports in both years.

Importers of soy

In 1995, the European Union (53%), Japan (18%) and Mexico (7%) were the main importers of soybeans, and together they accounted for more than 75% of world imports.

World imports of soybeans (HS 1201), 1995-2019

In 2019, China was the top importer with a 62% share of total world imports, followed by the European Union (10%) and Egypt (3%).

In 1995, China ranked 10th.


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