The 10 companies that invest the most in Research and Development

Amazon and Alphabet were the companies that invested the most in Research and Development ((R&D) in 2018.

While Amazon’s spending for this concept was $ 22.6 billion, that of Alphabet totaled $ 16.2 billion.

Other companies that stand out in this classification are: Volkswagen, Samsung, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Roche, Johnson & Johnson and Merc.

With this, seven of the 10 US companies were placed on this list.

In particular, Alphabet, a Google affiliate, said it continues to invest heavily in R&D in strategic focus areas such as advertising, cloud, machine learning and search, as well as new products and services.

Top 10 firms by global R&D spending, 2018

In addition, the company expects to continue investing in data center and office buildings and land, and information technology assets, including servers and network equipment, to support the long-term growth of its business.

For Alphabet, acquisitions and strategic investments are an important part of its strategy and use of capital, contributing to the breadth and depth of its offerings, expanding its expertise in engineering and other functional areas, and creating strong alliances around strategic initiatives. .

For example, in 2020, Alphabet announced its Google Digitization Fund for India to invest approximately $ 10 billion in that country over the next 5-7 years, through a combination of equity investments, partnerships, and operational investments, of infrastructure and ecosystems.

Research and Development

For its part, Amazon seeks to invest efficiently in numerous areas of technology and content in order to continue to improve the customer experience and improve the efficiency of its processes through rapid technological developments, while operating on an ever-increasing scale.

Often times, Amazon’s technology and content investment projects and capital expenditures support a variety of product and service offerings due to geographic expansion and cross-functionality of its systems and operations.

Moving forward, the company expects spending on technology and content to increase over time as it continues to add employees and technology infrastructure.