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The 10 agricultural products most exported by Mexico

Beer, avocados, tomatoes, asparagus and tequila are among the most exported agricultural products by Mexico in 2019, according to data from the Ministry of Economy.

Mexico’s agricultural sector is broad, diversified, and highly integrated with the United States, of which it is already its first trading partner.

Of the total external sales of agricultural products, those of beer totaled 4,858 million dollars, followed by those of avocado, mangoes, guavas and pineapples (3,605 million) and those of Other vegetables (among them, asparagus, aubergines and celery, 2,633 millions).

The agricultural and fisheries sector is considered a strategic sector in Mexico for its contribution to poverty reduction and economic development. One of the most important objectives of Mexican agricultural policy is to food security security by increasing productivity. Therefore, the authorities consider it necessary to protect and support the sector.

Other relevant exports of agricultural products were strawberry and raspberry ($ 2.46 billion), Tomato ($ 2.169 billion), alcoholic beverages over 80 degrees (tequila and mezcal, mainly, $ 2.044 million), and products of bakery (1,905 million).

Agricultural products

The list is completed by beef ($ 1,219 million), almonds and walnuts ($ 869 million), and cabbages ($ 779 million).

Considering products from all sectors, Mexico’s exports were 38.399 million dollars in March 2020, a year-on-year drop of 1.6%, with a collapse in oil sales partially offset by increases in the agricultural and extractive sectors.

Within non-oil exports, manufacturing fell 0.1% ($ 34,323.7 million), agriculture increased 22.3% (2,130.2 million) and extractives rose 19.3% (705.6 million).

The most important increases were recorded in exports of avocado (56.2%), tomato (34.7%), fruit and edible fruits (24.3%), pepper (19.6%) and fresh vegetables (10.7%).

In contrast, the most significant annual decreases were in exports of bananas or plantains (-15%) and of fresh strawberries (-3.6%). As for extractive exports, these were located at 706 million dollars with an annual rate of 19.3 percent.