Televisa Exports Fall 15.7%

Televisa’s exports totaled $ 11.381 billion in 2019, a 15.7% year-on-year drop.

Televisa is a leading media company in the Spanish-speaking world, a major cable operator, an operator of a leading direct-to-home satellite pay television system, and a broadband provider in Mexico.

Televisa’s exports totaled 10,050 million dollars in 2017.

In general, Televisa distributes the content it produces through various transmission channels in Mexico and in more than 70 countries through 25 brands of pay television, television networks, cable operators and over-the-top services or “OTT ”.

In the United States, Televisa’s audiovisual content is distributed through Univision Communications Inc., the leading media company in the Hispanic market.

Univision broadcasts Televisa’s audiovisual content through multiple platforms in exchange for a royalty payment.

In addition, Televisa has capital and warrants that, when exercised, would represent approximately 36% on a fully diluted and converted basis of equity in Univision Holdings, Inc., Univision’s holding company.

Televisa exports

Of the company‘s total external sales, 8,813 million pesos corresponded to licenses and distribution.

Televisa’s exports also comprised 1,783 million pesos for the promotion of soccer, sports and entertainment.

Another 1,160 million pesos corresponded to exports classified in income from subscription to the network.

The rest of the segments

Televisa’s cable business offers integrated services, including video, high-speed data and voice services for residential and commercial clients, as well as managed services for national and international operators.

Televisa owns a majority stake in Sky, a leading direct-to-home satellite pay television system and broadband provider in Mexico, which also operates in the Dominican Republic and Central America.

Televisa also has interests in the publication and distribution of magazines, professional sports and live entertainment, production and distribution of feature films and games.


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