Tea is the most consumed hot beverage in the world

Tea is the most widely consumed hot beverage worldwide and the most widely consumed non-alcoholic beverage overall, according to statista.com.

The Onlive Corporation notes that tea is especially important in Asia and Eastern Europe, as well as the UK, serving both for caffeine and hydration.

In China, tea has a much higher degree of prestige with special luxury products.

Depending on the quality of the tea, a kilogram of tea in China can cost more than $100,000.

Also, the tea industry in China is a thriving market. Aggregate revenue in the industry stands at $92.684 million from sales as of April 2020 and is expected to grow 5.8% annually, according to Onlive Corporation.


Given the prevalence of tea in China, combining tea with electronic distribution channels can increase industry growth and product sales.

Previously, Onlive’s core business had been operating an online radio station aimed at a younger audience.

However, the company is in the transition period to operate its business in the tea industry and international commodity trade.

Onlive is an experienced China product trading, distribution and consulting company with a focus on tea plantation and sales, research and development.

The company’s business scope includes partnering with tea plantations for tea production such as Dongguan Gongxiang Tea Food Company and sales as well as agricultural tourism.

Its production is mainly focused on pu-er tea.

The company has the experience in the China market and can use that experience to match the various traditional products with customers using electronic distribution channels. Its revenue streams are generated from the sale of such products throughout China.

Additionally, Onlive is expanding its business model by connecting traditional products through electronic channels and using technological innovation as a driving force to connect end users and increase sales.

The company intends to continually expand market share in the various products in which it is involved and is committed to becoming one of the largest market players in the world.


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