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Suspensions of the importers’ registry in Mexico

The central and decentralized administrations of the AGACE requested 400 suspensions of the importers’ registry in 2023 for updating various assumptions set forth in rule 1.3.3. of the General Foreign Trade Rules in force.

Of this total, 348 were authorized, an increase of 29.4% compared to 2022.

In general, the importers’ registry is a registry maintained by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) to identify taxpayers that import goods into Mexico.

Importers’ registry

If there are suspensions or sanctions related to this registry, they are generally due to irregularities or non-compliance with customs regulations.

The AGACE was an entity belonging to the Tax Administration Service (SAT), but the Mexican government began its disintegration, arguing that this measure attends to the commitment to austerity and that it will now return to the operation prior to its creation, in 2012, when its functions were distributed in the General Customs Administration and the General Administration of Federal Tax Audit.


Exporters (like importers) must be registered in the Federal Taxpayers’ Registry (RFC) in order to be able to invoice electronically, request certificates and/or permits, or carry out the necessary procedures for exporting, as well as to be able to benefit from refunds, tax offsets or certain advantages granted by government programs.

In addition, according to the WTO, individuals or legal entities that export certain goods (classified in 15 Chapters of the Harmonized System) must be registered in the Sectorial Exporters’ Register in charge of the SAT.

The products subject to this requirement vary depending on the risk models defined by the customs authorities for each product.

Exporters, like importers, may be suspended from the registers in the event of noncompliance with the requirements established by customs and related regulations.

For example, in the case of definitive exports or the return of goods abroad, suspension would occur if it is detected that the declared goods did not leave the country or it is determined that at least 90% of the declared value was not returned.

The customs system plays a crucial role in Mexico’s exports and imports with the world, while ensuring compliance with regulations and collecting the corresponding duties and taxes.


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