SunOpta Readies Its Largest Food and Beverage Plant in Texas

SunOpta Inc. advances the development of its largest plant in the plant-based food and beverage network in Texas, United States.

Who is SunOpta? It is a Canadian corporation focused on the manufacture of plant and fruit based foods and beverages for sale to retail customers, foodservice distributors, branded food companies and food manufacturers.

With 2020 revenues of $ 789.2 million, its employees and assets, which include 14 processing plants, are located primarily in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The company develops the new facility in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In connection with this project, the subsidiary previously entered into a lease with Cornerstone Development Partners to lease a building with approximately 284,495 square feet of space to be constructed on land located in Ellis County.


The company sells plant- and fruit-based food and beverage products through various distribution channels, including large retailers and club shops, branded food companies, foodservice distributors, quick-service restaurants, and casual dining and food manufacturers, located primarily in the United States.

In general, SunOpta conducts business with clients on the basis of purchase orders or pursuant to contracts that are generally terminated with three to 12 months’ notice.

In 2020, its 10 largest customers accounted for approximately 67% of its consolidated revenue, 69% of its Plant-Based Food and Beverage segment revenue, and 65% of its Fruit-Based Food and Beverage segment revenue.

Its plant-based and fruit-based food and beverage operations compete with leading private label and branded food manufacturers.

Your customers generally do not commit to purchasing predetermined quantities of products, and many customers use tendering procedures to select suppliers.

As a result, price is often a key competitive factor in winning bids and retaining customers, along with product quality, food safety, innovation, and customer service.

The new facility will start operations at the end of 2022 and will generate about 185 jobs.


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