Sugar imports in Mexico total 15,095 tons

Sugar imports in Mexico totaled 15,095 tons so far this harvest, the Ministry of Agriculture reported.

Namely, this period comprises from October 1, 2020 to February 21, 2020, when the report was generated.

Each cycle, the months with the highest sugar imports are August, September and October in Mexico.

Meanwhile, sugar exports by IMMEX companies totaled 127,398 tons so far this season.

In 2019, the Ministry of Economy reported that it had detected an increase in sugar imports under the IMMEX Program originating in Mexico, exported under the quota established with the United States, generating a distortion of the same.

In addition, he argued then, the National Committee for the Sustainable Development of Sugar Cane (CONADESUCA) has stated that the sugar imported under the IMMEX Program prior to returning abroad, undergoes various transfers lengthening the terms of permanence, which in the end it translates into an effect on the domestic market price.

This weekend, the General Administration of Customs indicated that it reinforced the investigation, the prior inspection and the reviews in the customs clearance to combat technical smuggling of sugar and to detect in a timely manner the false or altered documentation used to try to evade the payment of contributions.

Sugar imports

In 2020, sugar imports generated an income of 21 million pesos, while the figure for January 2021 was more than 4 million pesos. However, said the SAT, it is estimated that tax evasion for the import of this product is 250 million pesos a year.

Based on the above, Customs reiterates that any import that is intended to be carried out without the payment of tariffs, will have both administrative and criminal sanctions for importers, customs agents and other people involved.

Likewise, foreign trade users are informed that the importation of sugar into national territory classified in heading 1701 of the LIGIE, is subject to the payment of the general import tax, since according to the Ministry of Economy, it is not there is a current quota that allows its importation under the Free Trade Treaties or Agreements signed by Mexico.

It is important to clarify that this includes the Free Trade Agreement between the United Mexican States and the Republics of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, so that practices tending to introduce it without the payment of tariffs will not be tolerated.

Mexican producers

The National Chamber of the Sugar and Alcohol Industries (CNIAA) later reported that it appreciates and supports the actions taken by the Tax Administration Service and the General Customs Administration to combat technical smuggling of sugar to Mexican territory.

Ciclo 2020/21. Avance de exportaciones de azúcar/1

1/ Las exportaciones incluyen Ingenios y Otras Empresas. 2/ Información generada con cifras oficiales de la AGA-SAT.

Likewise, the CNIAA is formally requesting that other possible forms of technical smuggling be investigated, such as the alleged illegal application of the tariff classification for tax evasion purposes, among others.


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