Steel Dynamics will invest US $ 600 million in the steel industry

Steel Dynamics reported that it plans to invest $ 600 million in the construction of steel casing lines in the United States.

On the one hand, the company plans to invest $ 225 million in two new flat-rolled steel casing lines to be located in the southern United States to support its Sinton Steel Mill, which is scheduled to begin production in late summer. from 2021.

The lines will consist of a galvanized flat steel roll with a Galvalume coating capacity of 300,000 tons and a painting line of 240,000 tons.

Especially for the metal construction industry, Galvalume products represent the growing market for flat roll steel in the United States.

According to Steel Dynamic, customers prefer that company’s differentiated supply chain.

Customers prefer the company’s differentiated supply chain.

This has resulted in the company’s existing lines operating consistently at full capacity, through increased consumption and a gain in market share.

The site location selection and engineering specifications are still in progress.

Today, the company expects new siding lines in the southern United States to begin production in the second half of 2022.

Steel Dynamics

Also, Steel Dynamics plans to invest between 175 million and 200 million in two new flat-roll steel coating lines to be located in the Midwest to support its regional flat-roll steel operations, providing them with further diversification of value-added products to satisfy customer needs and increase cash generation throughout the cycle.

The lines will be comprised of a 300,000-ton flat-roll galvanizing line, also with Galvalume coating capacity, and a 240,000-ton painting line.

Similarly, the selection of the site location and engineering specifications are in process. Currently, the company expects new coating lines in the Midwest to begin production in the second half of 2022.


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