SRE creates International Research Center

The Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) published an agreement on Friday creating the International Research Center of the Matías Romero Institute.

The International Research Center will promote mechanisms for reflection on current problems, such as forums, seminars and specialized studies, whose objective is to bring together public servants, academics and other experts on issues related to the field of international studies.

Likewise, the International Research Center will aim to produce and coordinate the preparation of documents and analysis and research activities, in coordination and, within the scope of its competences, with other Dependencies and Entities of the Federal and Local Public Administration.

With the support of national and international academics and institutions, it will also seek to contribute to foreign policy decision-making and to the dissemination and understanding of international policy disciplines and events.

International Research Center

The Matías Romero Institute will determine the operating modalities of the new body created and will integrate it into its Organization and Procedures Manuals.

The administration of the International Research Center will be carried out with the human, material and financial resources assigned by the Matías Romero Institute, so the expenses generated by its operation, conservation and maintenance must be covered with the resources authorized in the Federation Expenditure Budget for the year 2020 and for subsequent years.

The Center will be identified by the image included below, which will be used in accordance with the guidelines that are issued for institutional image purposes, and which will be accompanied in any case by the representative image of the Matías Romero Institute.