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Soy exports from Brazil to Mexico increase 120%

Soybean exports from Brazil to Mexico grew 120.2% in the first four months of 2020, to 151 million dollars, at an annual rate.

Soy is a widely grown annual legume due to its high content of protein (40%) and oil (20 percent).

According to data from the Ministry of Economy, Industry, Foreign Trade and Services of Brazil (MDIC), soybean exports from that nation totaled $ 11,496 million from January to April this year, an increase of 28.2% year-on-year.

Soy has been cultivated for over 3,000 years in Asia and, more recently, has been successfully cultivated worldwide.

The main world soybean producers are currently the United States, Brazil, Argentina, China and India.

Soy is one of the few plants that provides a complete protein supply, as it contains all eight essential amino acids.

Approximately 85% of the world’s soy is processed, or «crushed,» annually in soybean meal and oil.

Also, about 98% of soybean meal is processed into animal feed, and the rest is used to make soybean meal and protein.

Of the oil content, 85% is consumed as edible oil and the rest is used for industrial products such as fatty acids, soaps and biodiesel.

Soybean exports

From January to April, external sales of soybeans from Brazil were mainly directed to China ($ 8.433 million), followed by the Netherlands ($ 423 million), Spain ($ 389 million), Turkey ($ 293 million), Thailand ($ 267 million) ) and Pakistan (203 million).

Globally, Brazil leads soybean exports. Other major exporters are the United States, Argentina, Paraguay, Canada, Uruguay and Ukraine.