Sonora Plan, KEPCO and Sprott Korea in Mexico

The state of Sonora, Mexico began operating in the current year two photovoltaic power projects, with the potential in addition to Plan SonoraOn the one hand, in October 2019, KEPCO and Sprott Korea as a consortium entered into a Share Purchase Agreement and Shareholders Agreement with Canadian Solar INC to develop and operate a PV power plant with a capacity of 294 megawatts in Mexico, including the state of Sonora, for 35 years. KEPCO invested US$41 million in the project and the transaction marks KEPCO’s first investment in the solar market in Mexico. Construction of the power plant in Horus, Mexico, was completed in November 2020 and regulatory operation began in February 2023. Other power plants, Tastiota and El Mayo, are expected to begin commercial operation in 2023.KEPCO is an integrated electric utility company engaged in the transmission and distribution of virtually all electricity in South Korea.

Sonora Plan

On the other hand, on February 17, 2023, the first phase of the Puerto Peñasco Photovoltaic Power Plant was inaugurated, which, once completed, is expected to produce 1,000 megawatts (MW) of clean and efficient energy and 192 MW in batteries.For now, the inauguration of the first stage of the Puerto Peñasco Sequence I Photovoltaic Power Plant (PVP) in Sonora, equivalent to 120 MW of capacity plus 12 MW in batteries as backup, stands out.The Mexican government indicated that there are 82 postgraduate programs in areas that contribute to the Sonora Plan; 718 members of the SNII in disciplines related to the plan; 77 researchers in the CPIs; 11 postdoctoral stays with research projects related to lithium, batteries, energy storage and renewable energies and 80 people in the Researchers for Mexico Program that carry out projects aligned with the agenda of the Sonora Plan. To promote research related to the Sonora Plan, Mexico has 16 public research centers around the country with capabilities in lithium, solar energy and gas. 6 national laboratories focused on energy.


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