Shared bicycle, scooter and kick scooter market will grow 9.2%

The global market for shared bicycles, scooters and kick scooters will register a compound annual growth rate of 9.2%, according to estimates by Frost & Sullivan.

A kick scooters (in Spain), skateboard or devil’s skate (in Latin America), is a vehicle / toy that consists of an elongated platform on two in-line wheels and a steering bar, with which the skaters slide after being propelled with a foot against the ground.

On the other hand, a scooter (scooter, moped, step, or motorcycle) is a type of two-wheeled motorized vehicle. It is not listed as a motorcycle

Indeed, the global micro-mobility market, which includes these three transports, would register 31.9 million vehicles by 2025, compared to 20.5 million in 2020.

Today, bike sharing represents almost 98% of the fleet size of the micro-mobility market.

But the sharing of scooters and kick scooters is gaining ground in several countries around the world.

Despite Covid-19 significantly affecting the market, the reduction in roadblocks and the change in transportation habits after the pandemic have increased the demand for micro mobility options, according to Frost & Sullivan.


A recent Frost & Sullivan analysis of the micro-mobility industry finds that, globally, it will become one of the most attractive forms of sustainable mobility thanks to its convenience, affordability and safety.

«One of the key disruptive trends in the growth of micro-mobility services can be attributed to technological advancements,» said Chanchal Jetha, mobility research analyst at the Company.

“Technology providers will offer a number of solutions for fleet management and operations, including infrastructure solutions such as smart docking stations and solar-powered charging stations, and hardware solutions including smart locks and sensors. Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent fleet management systems and navigation systems will drive growth in the micro-mobility market, ”added Jetha.