Sempra Energy: Your Main Competitors in Natural Gas

Sempra Energy has among its main competitors in the Mexican natural gas market Pemex, Monterra Energy LLC and TC Energy Corporation.

In the Mexican market, the general demand for natural gas distribution services increases during the winter months, while the general demand for electricity increases during the summer months.

IEnova, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, has competed with Mexican and foreign companies for certain new energy infrastructure projects in Mexico.

Some of your competitors (including public or state-owned companies and their affiliates) may have better access to capital and greater financial and other resources, which could give them a competitive advantage in bidding for such projects.

Sempra Energy

Sempra Mexico’s pipeline and storage facility businesses compete with other regulated and unregulated pipeline and storage facilities.

Above all, they compete on the basis of price (in terms of storage and transportation fees), available capacity, and interconnections with downstream markets.

Sempra Mexico’s gas business competitors include, among others:

  • Bulkmatic Transport Company, Inc.
  • Glencore plc
  • Kinder Morgan, Inc.
  • Corporativo Lodemo, S.A. de C.V.
  • Monterra Energy LLC
  • Engie S.A.
  • Pemex
  • Fermaca Global LP
  • TC Energy Corporation

Mexican market

Generation from Sempra Mexico’s renewable energy assets is susceptible to fluctuations in natural conditions such as wind, inclement weather, and hours of sunlight.

Because Sempra México sells the energy it generates at its Energía Sierra Juárez wind power generation facility in California, Sempra México’s future performance and demand for renewable energy may be affected by the requirements of the United States state to deliver a part of the total energy load from renewable energy sources.

The rules that govern these requirements in California are generally known as the RPS Program.

In California, the certification of a generation project by the CEC as ERR allows the purchase of production from said generation facility to be counted toward compliance with the requirements of the RPS Program, if said purchase complies with the provisions of SB X1 -2.

The RPS Program may affect the production demand of renewable energy projects developed by Sempra Mexico, particularly the demand for California utilities.

Other companies

Sempra Mexico’s energy business competitors include, among others:

  • Acciona S.A.
  • Pattern Energy Group, Inc.
  • Engie S.A.
  • Salka energy
  • Enel SpA
  • Terra-Gen, LLC
  • Iberdrola S.A.