Sectoral opportunities in Mexico for Canada

The main sectoral opportunities in Mexico for Canada are aerospace, agriculture, creative industries, education, information and communications technologies, infrastructure, life sciences, mining, oil and gas, and sustainable technologies, according to the Canadian government.

In particular, Mexico’s abundance of natural resources, especially in the mining sector, has attracted the interest of Canadian companies for many years.

The agri-food sector accounts for 24% of Canadian exports to Mexico.

On the other hand, Canada’s experience in infrastructure projects and public-private partnerships is key to generating business opportunities in transportation, electricity, water and hydrocarbons.

The elimination of visa requirements for Mexican travelers creates considerable opportunities for Canada’s education sector.

Thanks to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), Canada enjoys preferential market access and clear trade rules with Mexico.

At the same time, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP) offers modernized trade rules and gives exporters greater flexibility to use inputs from CPTPP members.

Canadian exporters can choose between trade agreements and claim preferences under the agreement that best suits their needs.

Sectoral opportunities

In terms of investment, CPTPP allows Canadian companies to invest with greater confidence in Mexico, offering them protection against unfair and discriminatory treatment, as well as greater predictability and transparency.

Through CPTPP, the services industry also benefits from more predictable access and greater transparency in Mexico, including in key sectors such as professional services (e.g., legal services, architectural and engineering services), computer services and environmental services.

New commitments on temporary entry of business persons make it easier for certain categories of Canadian business persons to work temporarily in Mexico, including highly skilled Canadian professionals and technicians, as well as spouses.

CPTPP also establishes strong and enforceable labor and environmental provisions.


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