Schneider National grows in freight to third parties

Schneider National handled approximately $3 billion of third-party freight in 2021, a 57.9% growth over 2020.

That same amount is equivalent to a 50% increase compared to its 2019 result.

Overall, Schneider National served about 8,500 clients in its portfolio last year, including nearly 200 Fortune 500 companies, with 24 of its top 25 clients using services from the three segments the company reports on.

But its number of clients has decreased from 9,250 in 2020 and, earlier, from 14,900 in 2019.

At the same time, its Logistics segment manages more than 50,000 relationships with qualified carriers.

Schneider National are among the largest providers of ground transportation and logistics solutions in North America.

It offers a multi-modal portfolio of services and has a variety of capabilities and resources that leverage artificial intelligence, data science and analytics to deliver innovative solutions that coordinate the movement of customers’ goods in a timely, secure and efficient manner.

The company offers truckload, intermodal and logistics services to a diverse customer base in the United States, Canada and Mexico, adding value to their supply chains.

Schneider National

The trucking industry is the core of the US economy and moves the vast majority of cargo volume in that country.

So far, trucking continues to attract carriers due to the mode’s cost advantages relative to air travel and flexibility relative to rail.

To Take a Big Picture: The U.S. trucking industry is highly competitive and fragmented, characterized by many small carriers with revenues less than $1 million per year, fewer than 65 carriers with revenues greater than $100 million per year and fewer than 10 carriers with revenues greater than $1 billion per year, according to the most recent rankings published by Transport Topics, a publication of the American Trucking Association.

On that basis, growth in cargo volume is largely tied to growth in Gross Domestic Product and generally moves in line with the US economy.

In the US trucking industry sector, both dry trucks and special equipment are used to transport goods over long distances and regionally.

Dry van carriers represent an integral component of the transportation supply chain for most manufactured and retail goods in North America.


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