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SAT receives 6.6% more annual returns

The Tax Administration Service

(SAT) reported that the number of annual returns filed last year stood at 9 million 655,368 returns, an increase of 6.6% from 2018.

The SAT continued to implement new technologies to facilitate voluntary compliance with taxpayers’ tax obligations, making their procedures and services more accessible.

Payments through reception

During 2019, just over 32 million payment operations were carried out, of which 60.6% were through the bank window.

In the same year, bank window payments decreased 5.0% compared to the previous year, while internet payments grew 24.2 percent.

The SAT and extension

The SAT extended the deadline for individuals to file their 2019 annual return until June 30, 2020.

The measure was taken by the entry of Phase 3 of the health contingency due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government’s current fiscal policy focuses on fiscal and financial discipline, austerity in spending, not raising taxes or creating new ones and curbing tax evasion. Regarding public debt management, the Government plans to maintain a solid and diversified portfolio of liabilities, with a preference for long-term fixed-rate domestic debt.

The SAT is a decentralized body of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) of Mexico, which is responsible for applying tax and customs legislation, so that individuals and legal entities contribute proportionally and equitably to public spending, to inspect taxpayers to comply with tax and customs provisions, to facilitate and encourage voluntary compliance and to generate and provide the information necessary for the design and evaluation of tax policy.