SAT receives 12.6% less import requests

The government of Mexico received a total of 2,931,400 import requests during the first half of 2020, a 12.6% year-on-year drop.

In general, a petition is a kind of tax declaration related to compliance with tax obligations in foreign trade, through which the importer or exporter declares to customs the merchandise to be imported or exported.

On the other hand, the export requests totaled 1,149,200 million operations, a decrease of 10.5%, at an annual rate.

The pedimentos are fiscal documents prepared in a format approved by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), said format is dynamic, made up of blocks in which importers, exporters and customs agent or attorney, must only print the blocks corresponding to the information that must be declared.

This information can be: the quantity and type of merchandise, the data that allow the identification of the merchandise, the origin, value and taxable base, in addition to compliance with non-tariff regulations and restrictions, the customs or customs section of entry and that of clearance, the type of operation, the customs regime, among other data and documents that must be attached to the aforementioned request.

Import requests

According to the Customs Law of Mexico, those who introduce or extract merchandise from the national territory assigning them to a customs regime, are obliged to transmit to the customs authorities, through the customs electronic system, in electronic documents, pedimentos with information regarding said merchandise.

This is in the terms established by the SAT through rules, using the advanced electronic signature, the digital seal or another technological means of identification.


Said request will be presented in a technological device or in electronic means, together with the goods, in order to activate the automated selection mechanism.

Number of foreign trade requests

The device or means must have the technical elements that allow the reading of the information, including that relating to the motions. This will be except in cases where a printout of the motion must be provided, which will have the barcode printed on it. The foregoing in the terms and conditions that the Tax Administration Service establishes through rules.