SAT creates mini-site Register of Importers and Exporters

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) reported that it created the Padrón mini-site for importers and exporters.

The minisite is made up of four sections: Register of Importers (PI), Register of Importers of Specific Sectors (PISE), Register of Sectorial Exporters (PES) and Additional Material.

In a press release, the SAT stated that it aims to innovate in technology with less personal intervention to improve the processes of care for taxpayers, facilitate the completion of various procedures remotely and avoid acts of corruption.

For this purpose, the mini-site Register of Importers and Exporters was created in the SAT Portal, to carry out registration, reinstatement or suspension procedures so that individuals and companies can locate the information necessary to carry them out in one place.


Each of the sections contains the following information:

  • Who presents it.
  • Where it is presented.
  • Requirements
  • Conditions that must be met.
  • Steps to follow to carry out the procedure.
  • Service commitment and service channels.
  • Consultation of the result of the submitted application and related documents.

With these actions the institutional ABC is strengthened: increase collection, reduce tax avoidance and evasion, and combat corruption.



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