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Santander increases its loans 13% in 1Q20

Santander’s loans and advances to customers (gross without ATAs) in Mexico rose at a rate of 13% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2020.

Credits without ATAs are gross loans and advances to customers, not including temporary asset acquisitions. For the purposes of analyzing the commercial banking business, ATAs are deducted as they are products of the treasury business with high volatility.

As part of the rise in these loans, companies (+ 16%) and CIB (+ 27%) stood out. Individuals increased 5%, highlighting mortgages (+ 13%), credit card (+ 6%) and payroll (+ 8%).

Santander’s financial results in Mexico

Santander’s customer resources increased 10%. Demand deposits climbed 12%, with growth in both individuals and companies, and the term increased 15% (with companies standing out at 22 percent).

In response to the spread of COVID-19, the bank has launched support measures for its clients such as the moratorium on loans, cards, mortgages and interest-free financing of purchases made in online supermarkets and in pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals.

Furthermore, Santander offices continue to operate, albeit with a small staffing base. Its digital channels and contact centers operate normally.

Santander’s financial results in Mexico

The company’s attributable ordinary profit increased 22% year-on-year, supported by the good performance of income.

Santander and commercial activity

The company’s commercial strategy maintains the objective of improving the distribution model and promoting digital channels to attract and link new customers with new products and services.

In particular, the company’s distribution model continues to move forward with the transformation of 560 branches and 1,138 full-function ATMs.

Santander’s financial results in Mexico

At the same time, Santander launched the credit card without numbers, making us the first bank in Mexico to offer this model without exposing sensitive data and offering greater security to its customers.

The process of registering clients with biometric data has also started in order to increase security in their operations using the fingerprint and facial fingerprint.

It also signed an alliance with Mazda to be its main partner in automobile financing, advancing in the consolidation in this segment.