Sanmina: 6 reasons why OEMs will rely more on EMS

Sanmina outlined six reasons why Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) will increase their dependence on Electronic Product Manufacturing Services (EMS).

In general, EMS companies are the main beneficiaries of the increased use of outsourced manufacturing services by electronics and other industries.

Outsourced manufacturing refers to an original equipment manufacturer’s use of EMS companies to manufacture its products, rather than using internal manufacturing resources.

As the EMS industry has evolved, OEMs have increased their reliance on EMS businesses for end-to-end services including product design and engineering, high-end manufacturing, assembly and testing, direct order fulfillment, and logistics services, aftermarket products, service and support, and global supply chain management.

So Sanmina believes that OEMs will continue to outsource manufacturing because it enables them to:

  • Focus on core competencies.
  • Access leading engineering and design capabilities.
  • Optimize your supply chain while reducing risk and maximizing purchasing power.
  • Reduce operating costs and capital investment.
  • Access global manufacturing services.
  • Accelerate time to market.


This company is a leading global provider of integrated manufacturing solutions, components, products and repair, logistics and after-sales services.

Sanmina offers these comprehensive offerings primarily to OEM companies in the following industries: industrial, medical, defense and aerospace, automotive, communications networks, and cloud solutions.

In addition, the combination of its advanced technologies, extensive manufacturing experience and economies of scale allows it to satisfy the specialized needs of its customers.

Its comprehensive solutions, combined with its global experience in supply chain management, also allow it to manage its customers’ products throughout their life cycles.

These solutions include:
  • Product design and engineering, including concept development, detailed design, prototyping, validation, pre-production services, and manufacturing design launch and product industrialization.
  • Manufacture of components, subassemblies and complete systems.
  • High-level assembly and testing.
  • Direct order fulfillment and logistics services.
  • After-sales product service and support.
  • Global supply chain management.


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