SalaryFits: NOM-035 demands to improve benefits and avoid psychosocial risks in workers

For workers to have a favorable organizational environment and reduce psychosocial risk factors, as required by NOM-035, it is essential to grant benefits to recognize performance, said the CEO of SalaryFits, Gustavo Boletig.

The first stage of NOM-035 -STPS-2018 “Psychosocial risk factors at work” came into force in 2019, and in October 2020 the second stage, an important fact because it is necessary to take actions, above all, amidst the stress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, he explained.

Boletig pointed out that in order to comply with this Official Mexican Standard, company managers must ensure that there is a favorable organizational environment, necessary to achieve good worker performance, because this translates into greater productivity.

One of the ways to achieve this is to adopt performance recognition schemes, such as granting financial benefits, through technological platforms.

Through tools that offer financial inclusion to workers by which they are given access to credit schemes to acquire from life insurance, to medicines or household appliances, which are discounted via payroll, taking care that there is no over-indebtedness.


Boletig commented that another advantage is that workers receive accessible credit conditions, without bureaucratic procedures, much lower interest rates than banks and with the ease that they do not have to go to any institution or make their payments or fill out applications , since everything is done via payroll.

For example, platforms such as those offered by SalaryFits offer a rate for a payroll credit of 3%, that is, 36% per year, while a bank charges 5% per month or more.

With low interest rates such as payroll loans, they reduce the financial stress of workers, because they have access to better credit conditions, a point that becomes more important in times of pandemic.

In addition, Boletig recalled that company managers must promote the sense of belonging of workers to the company, define the tasks of each employee, have communication, balance the workload, established days, but mechanisms must also be considered evaluation, as marked by NOM-035.

All in order to prevent the nature of the job duties from causing anxiety disorders, such as stress and sleep imbalances.

Workers have to feel motivated and work in a favorable environment that allows them to reduce all kinds of family, work and financial stress.


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