The US seeks to safeguard imports of strawberries and peppers

The US government intends to impose a safeguard against imports of strawberries and bell peppers.

The United States Trade Representation (USTR, for its acronym in English) reported on Tuesday that it will work with national producers to initiate an investigation by the International Trade Commission to monitor and investigate external adquisitions of strawberries and bell peppers, which could allow for a global safeguard investigation of Section 201 expedited later this year.

Additionally, the USTR will hold high-level government-to-government talks with Mexico over the next 90 days to address US industry concerns regarding imports of Mexican strawberries, bell peppers and other seasonal and perishable products.

Imports of strawberries

The Mexican Ministry of Economy announced that it will monitor the development of the hearing and investigation processes together with the private sector and interested parties.

At all times, he added, compliance with the commitments established in the USMCA and the World Trade Organization (WTO) will be ensured, as well as the recognition of the competitiveness of the Mexican agricultural export sector and the complementarity of both markets. .

US imports of strawberries from Mexico have increased from approximately $ 44 million in 2001 to more than $ 840 million in 2019.


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