Robotics and FAMA: alliances with Vitro

Vitro, a multinational glass company based in Mexico, entered into strategic alliances with FAMA and Robotics to address supply chain challenges.

Overall, Vitro’s business was affected in 2022 by supply chain disruptions and failures, skyrocketing energy prices, inflation levels not seen in more than two decades, and declining production in the automotive industry.

To offset these challenges, Vitro implemented several actions to improve operations, reduce material costs and strengthen its strategic alliances with FAMA and Robotics for process automation.

According to Vitro, these alliances allowed the company to generate savings and report better results with respect to 2021.

While compensations were negotiated with the client for inflation and delivery schedule instability, better working capital management was achieved through its production flexibility.

In addition, world-class projects were implemented to improve Vitro’s operations and drive project automation.


In the Automotive sector, Vitro worked in 2022 the EPBL (External Press Bending Laminated) line and started production of several products with HUD (Head up display) for Toyota and General Motors.

The company also consolidated the launching of state-of-the-art glass, including the Vitro WeatherMaster windshield, a product that reflects solar energy in summer and defrosts the surface in winter to improve comfort in the vehicle.

Vitro is a holding and operating company whose subsidiaries are engaged in serving diverse markets, including flat glass for use in the construction and automotive industries, as well as glass containers for the cosmetics, fragrance, pharmaceutical and liquor markets.

In addition, Vitro and its subsidiaries are engaged in the manufacture of machinery, equipment and capital goods for industrial use, as well as the manufacture of inorganic chemical products.

Some of our subsidiaries face competition in the construction industry, mainly from Saint Gobain, Guardian, Cardinal, Asahi Glass Co., Nippon Sheet Glass and from imports of glass products, and with respect to automotive glass, the business unit’s competition in Mexico includes Asahi Glass Co. and Saint Gobain, and in the United States from Fuyao, Nippon Sheet Glass, Central Glass Co. and Asahi Glass Co.


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