Pet supplies market is fragmented in the US

The US pet supplies market is highly fragmented, with approximately 2,500 manufacturers, according to Packaged Facts.

These manufacturers consist primarily of small companies with limited product lines.

But most of these manufacturers do not have a captive sales and logistics network and rely on companies like Central Garden & Pet Company or other independent distributors to supply their products to regional specialty pet chains and independent retailers.

Also the retail channel of the pet food and supplies industry remains fragmented with just two national pet specialty retailers, Petco and PetSmart and approximately 14,000 independent supply stores and smaller chains, as well as clubs and merchandise stores. massive in the United States.

As a result of the pandemic accelerated consumer race online, e-commerce increased to 30% of total sales of pet food, treats and non-food pet supplies in 2020, according to Central Garden & Pet.

Pet supplies

The pet specialty channel is feeling pressure from online and mass merchants with the mass retail market benefiting from «mass premiumization,» the trend of previously exclusive pet food brands in supermarkets and mass merchants. .

Thus, from Central Garden & Pet’s perspective, specialty pet retailers continue to add veterinary and non-medical services to combat e-commerce trends and mass retailers are bolstering their pet business with prescription pet medications.

In general, the industry includes food, supplies, veterinary care, and non-medical services and live animals.

Central Garden & Pet operates primarily in the pet supplies segment of the industry, as well as the live fish and live small animals categories.

The supplies segment includes: cat and dog products including edible bones, premium edible and inedible chews, rawhide, toys, pet beds, pet containment, grooming supplies and other accessories; products for birds, small animals and special pets, including cages and habitats, and toys.

In addition: food and chews and related accessories; products for animal and domestic health and insect control; products for fish, reptiles and other aquarium pets, including aquariums, terrariums, furniture and lighting fixtures, pumps, filters, water conditioners, food and supplements, and information and knowledge resources; as well as products for horses and livestock.


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