Peñoles receives Silver Helmet for Velardeña mine

The Velardeña Mine, belonging to Industrias Peñoles and located in Cuencamé, Durango, received the distinctive Silver Helmet from the Mexican Mining Chamber (Camimex), which recognizes the safety of its facilities.

Camimex granted this award to Peñoles in the underground mining category with more than 500 workers for the safety indicators of the Velardeña mine, one of the main zinc producers in the country.

Fernando Alanís, CEO of Peñoles, stressed that the company’s actions are focused on initiatives and actions to guarantee the safety of miners, such as having the latest technology equipment and making the necessary innovations to have the best operations.

An example of this, he mentioned, is the implementation of the personnel geolocation system, which allows monitoring of each worker from a secure operations center.

The monitoring system for low-profile trucks also played a role, to monitor the cubic meters of cargo leaving the mine.

Both actions are intended to guarantee the safety of employees, optimize diesel consumption and equipment maintenance, and avoid accidents in transport.

In 2015 the Velardeña Unit received the Silver Helmet.


In Velardeña, Peñoles has a Training Center where technology is essential for the preparation of workers prior to entering the mines.

There, miners train in two cabins with special truck driving simulation software, using ThoroughTec Simulation’s CYBERMINE E-learning System and Operator Training System (OFT) for drilling rig and LHD truck operators.

Peñoles, founded in 1887, is a mining group with integrated operations in the smelting and refining of non-ferrous metals and in the production of chemical products.

It is part of Grupo BAL, a private and diversified group, made up of independent Mexican companies.

Peñoles is the world’s largest producer of refined silver, bismuth and sodium sulfate, and is among the Latin American leaders in the production of refined gold, lead and zinc.


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