Pemex increases production and reduces losses

Pemex‘s total hydrocarbon production during the fourth quarter of 2021 averaged 2,474 million barrels of crude oil equivalent per day (MMboed).

This is a growth of 89,000 barrels of crude oil equivalent (Mboced) compared to the same quarter of 2020.

The data corresponds to the behavior of liquid hydrocarbons, that is, crude oil and condensates, without including the production of the partners.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, the production of liquids (not including the production of the partners) totaled 1,751,000 barrels per day (Mbd), a figure 75 Mbd higher than the fourth quarter of 2020, in that quarter 1,676 Mbd were produced, that is In other words, production grew by 4.5 percent.

This dynamic is explained by the incorporation of wells from the new field strategy in the Southwest, South and North Marine Regions, and by incremental activity in fields such as Madrefil, Teotleco, Arroyo Zanapa, Juspí, Tupilco, Castarrical and Sini in the South Region. ; Ek-Balam and Zaap from the Northeast Marine Region and Ixtal and Yaxché from the Southwest Marine Region.

For Pemex, it is relevant to mention that in this period a significant increase in liquids production was achieved due to the well completion strategy in new fields, of the order of 59 Mbd, from the following new wells: Quesqui-11, Teca -11, Teca-24, Cibx-22, Itta-3, Itta-45, Ixachi-3, Mulach-2, Quesqui-3, Tetl-15, Tlamatini-11, Tlamatini-12, Uchbal-7, all of them completed in the fourth trimester.


The completion of the Kuun-1, Tum-1 and Racemosa-1 wells belonging to the exploratory component also contributed.

Additionally, the strategy applied to maintaining the production of liquids contributed to the maintenance of production, through the execution of various actions, mainly:

Immediate attention to operational problems and reduction of time in the operational intervention for the restoration of wells with faults in electro-centrifugal pumping equipment (BEC).

The increase in well maintenance activities (minor repairs, stimulation, cleaning and optimization).

Regarding the quality of crude oil, the production of light crude oil and condensates increased by 136 Mbd, due to the contribution of wells from new fields such as Cibix, Quesqui, Ixachi, Octli, Mulach, Cheek, Itta, Tlamatini, Koban, Tetl and Uchbal.

On the contrary, the production of heavy crude oil decreased by 61 Mbd, equivalent to 5.9% of the production reported in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The events that caused this decrease were: failures in wells that operate with electrocentrifugal pumping equipment in wells in the Northeast Marine Region and the natural decline of mature reservoirs in the Ku-Maloob-Zaap complex fields.

Negative balance

Pemex registered a net loss of 224,363 million pesos in 2021, a decrease of 55.9% compared to the negative balance of 2020.

This loss occurred despite receiving support from the federal government for 275,849 million pesos in 2021.


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