Pemex gas station: its market share falls

Despite the aggressive competitive environment and its relatively limited marketing investment, Pemex maintained approximately 60.4% market share with its licensed and sub-licensed service stations (Pemex Gas Station) as of the end of December 2021.

Its corresponding coverage was 77% in 2019 and 64% in 2020.

Pemex Gas Station is the brand with the largest number of gas stations under the franchise model, that is, gas stations operated by independent companies and gas groups that are granted a license to use the brand and the necessary knowledge for its operation.

To reinforce the value of the Pemex brand and the Pemex Franchise, the company launched two new service station formats during the second half of 2020: Nano stations and low consumption stations.

The Nano stations have innovative and differentiated designs, capable of adapting to reduced floor surfaces in urban areas with a high concentration of traffic.

Low-consumption stations take advantage of low-cost, rapidly installed technologies to meet the demands of rural populations.

As part of its business strategy, the company operates wholesale and retail service stations, some with the Pemex brand and others without the brand.

Non-brand stations purchase products through marketing contracts and, where applicable, have access to discounts and credit.

In the case of its Pemex-branded stations, both Pemex marketers and associated distributors can sell Pemex-branded products.

Pemex gas station

Retailers to the public may only purchase products through marketing agreements, just as they may only sell Pemex-branded products through a Pemex-branded franchise agreement or sublicense agreement.

As of December 31, 2021, 1,149 redesigned service stations were operating and an additional 445 service stations have requested redesign.

As of December 31, 2021, there were 6,999 Pemex retail service stations associated with Pemex in Mexico, of which 6,954 were privately owned and operated as franchises, while the remaining 45 were owned by Pemex Transformación Industrial.


This total number of retail service stations represents a decrease of 6.3% compared to the 7,468 service stations as of December 31, 2020.

Above all, this decrease was due to increased competition in the free market.

As of December 31, 2021, the company had 1,474 trading contracts, a decrease of 859 trading contracts compared to 2,333 trading contracts as of December 31, 2020.

The decrease in the number of commercialization contracts was mainly due to the greater concentration of the volume of clients in each contract as a result of the new commercial contracting models.

Of the 1,474 contracts signed at the end of 2021, Pemex has 348 contracts signed under the new contract model, which include 80% of the most important marketers and distributors in terms of volume at the national level.

In addition, Pemex Industrial Transformation supplies petroleum products to 4,460 service stations outside the Pemex Franchise. Of these service stations, 994 operate under sub-license of Pemex brands and 1,778 use third-party brands.

To gain market presence, competitors often transfer well-established Pemex service stations to third-party brands.

For this reason, Pemex is working to counteract this by opening new gas stations under its franchise model and strengthening the Pemex brand among its existing gas stations.


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