Parmawines seeks wine distributors in Mexico, Canada and China

Parmawines Italy is looking for wine distributors in Mexico, Canada, China, Russia and Japan.

Release date: 05/18/2021.

Expiration date: 08/18/2021.

Parmawines Italy company specializes in the wine sector, looking for partners, distributors, importers and wholesalers.

According to the Italian government, the company proposes the best genuine local wines from the Emilia Romagna region with an innovation and elegant packaging that sets itself apart from the rest of the range on the market.

Sparkling wines: Semi-sweet/dry Lambrusco, Sweet Rose, Sweet Moscato and Extra Dry Classic method.


The company has its trademark in Europe and China.


  • Food industry.
  • Beverage industry.
  • Wine and drinks.


Drinks, spirits and vinegar.

Wine from fresh grapes, including fortified wines; partially fermented grape must with an actual alcoholic strength> 0.5% vol or grape must with added alcohol with an actual alcoholic strength> 0.5% vol.

Interests: Commercial sector.


  • Product-export offer to search for a distributor or direct user.
  • Search for an agent in the market (for product distribution).
  • Search for retailer for franchise sale.
  • Partner who can provide general commercial assistance (eg sales administration, supply logistics management, local support for marketing actions and promotional sales and others).

Company contact:

Sergio Podetti, +39 3283676000 / + 39 3276792145, email: parmawines@gmail.com, web: www.parmawines.com.


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