Panama increases control on roasted coffee imports

The Cabinet Council of Panama reported that it increased control over roasted coffee imports for public health reasons.

So, the Panamanian government published a notice by which the importation and commercialization of roasted coffee of all origins and origins by the Government of the Republic of Panama is controlled.

Through Cabinet Decree No. 5 of March 30, 2021, the government of Panama established import and marketing control measures for roasted coffee originating from and from any origin, classified in subheadings 0901.21 and 0901.22.

Pursuant to the aforementioned provision, merchandise originating from countries with which Panama maintains current Free Trade Agreements are excluded from this measure.

For this reason, indicated the Mexican Ministry of Economy, exports of Mexican roasted coffee made to that country must be accompanied by a certificate of origin in order to be excluded from this measure.

Coffee imports

The Cabinet Council argued that it is a duty and an objective of the Panamanian government to adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the protection of essential interests for the harmonious maintenance of these international commercial relations, in such a way that they positively and directly affect the circulation of free commercial flows and balanced.

In addition, the government stated that in accordance with Law 26 of 2001, the import of inputs or raw materials of agricultural, industrial or other origin, which in the opinion of the Executive Branch are sensitive products for the national economy, will be handled under a regime of licenses and tariff quotas.

Thus, through Cabinet Decree No. 25 of 2003, roasted coffee was classified as a sensitive product for the national economy.

“In the marketing of roasted coffee, behaviors of non-compliance with national public health regulations have been detected, which makes it necessary to implement control measures to ensure compliance with said laws regarding an essential product of the national agricultural sector and the basic food basket. Panamanian family member,” said the Panamanian government.

To conclude, the Inter-Institutional Commission for the Defense of National Production analyzed the current situation of coffee as a sensitive item of the national economy, and in an extraordinary meeting dated March 3, 2021, it was approved to recommend the adoption of temporary control measures to the commercialization of roasted coffee.


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