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OXXO stores: independent companies operate 46% of the units in Mexico

Approximately 46% of OXXO stores in Mexico are operated by independent managers responsible for all aspects of the store’s operations.

Store managers are commission agents and are not employees of FEMSA‘s Proximity Division.

Each manager is the legal employer of the store staff, which generally has six people per store.

The Proximity Division continually invests in on-site operating personnel, with the goal of promoting loyalty, customer service, and reducing staff turnover in stores.

Beer, cigarettes, soft drinks, and other drinks and snacks represent the main product categories for OXXO stores.

Previously, OXXO stores in Mexico only had beer brands produced and distributed by Heineken Mexico.

However, after certain modifications to the terms of FEMSA’s existing business relationship with Heineken Mexico and a new business relationship with Grupo Modelo in 2019, the Proximity Division now sells Grupo Modelo’s beer brands in certain regions of Mexico and It hopes to gradually cover the entire country by the end of 2022.

OXXO stores and publicity

The marketing efforts of the Proximity Division for OXXO stores include specific product promotions and image advertising campaigns.

These strategies are designed to increase store traffic, increase sales, and continue to promote the OXXO brand and market position.

The Proximity Division manages its advertising for OXXO units on three levels, depending on the nature and scope of the specific campaign: local or store-specific, regional and national.

Regional and store-specific campaigns are closely monitored to ensure consistency with the overall corporate image of OXXO stores and to avoid conflicts with national campaigns.

Primarily, the Proximity Division uses point of purchase materials, flyers, brochures, and print and radio media for promotional campaigns, although television is occasionally used for the introduction of new products and services.

Finally, the image and brand of OXXO stores are consistently presented across all stores, regardless of location.