Orbia: water and food security

The Mexican company Orbia focuses on finding solutions for water and food security as part of its business model.

What are its advantages in this strategy?

Formerly known as Mexichem, the company has the following characteristics in its favor:

  • Advantageous player in PVC and specialty PVC, serving customers related to water, infrastructure, health and wellness. 
  • Orbia has made sustainability a fundamental part of its business strategy.
  • Leading global provider of innovative water management solutions for climate-resilient construction. 
  • The company provides innovative solutions and technologies to address water-related challenges, including water scarcity, pollution and sustainable management.
  • Global market leader in precision irrigation and other solutions that enable farmers to grow more with less.

In 2023, Orbia had net sales of $8.204 billion, a 15% decline, while its net income was $156 million, a 76.5% decline, at year-over-year rates.

Water and food security

Orbia is one of the companies taking action on Forward Faster, a global initiative to guide companies on where they can have the biggest and fastest impact before 2030, particularly on the water resilience target.

The company plans to invest in water and food security, access to information and connectivity.

Its investment plans also include areas such as decarbonization and energy transition. 

Water care

Here are some examples of Orbia’s services:

  • Smart irrigation systems that optimize water use in agriculture.
  • Development of solutions based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology and data analysis to optimize water management.
  • Wastewater recycling and reuse technologies.
  • Consulting and technologies for integrated water resources management.
  • Development of advanced water purification technologies.
  • Water distribution infrastructure.

Orbia’s five business groups have a collective focus on ensuring food and water security, connecting communities to information and accelerating a circular, low-carbon economy with basic and advanced materials, specialized products and innovative solutions. 

What is water security? It is the ability to ensure an adequate and reliable supply of water to meet human needs and maintain ecosystem health.


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