Orbia leads the production of specialty resins in the world

Orbia leads the world in the production of specialty resins and is the largest producer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in Latin America.

Polymer Solutions’ strategy is focused on expanding the core business as a major global PVC manufacturer, strengthening its position in regional markets and retaining the top position in specialty resins, capturing the growth in global demand.

The expansion of Polymer Solutions’ core business enables it to enter new markets in Asia and Africa and expand specialty resins capacity through access to technology and development capabilities in all segments.

Polymer Solutions will strengthen the low-cost position by capturing additional value through diversified risk and a significantly diverse geographic production footprint, enabling a better position on the PVC industry cost curve.

By continuing to invest in research and development and leveraging the unique products it offers in specialty resins, Polymer Solutions will continue to develop a best-in-class product portfolio through the ongoing launch of customer-focused products and services.


This business group is comprised of six manufacturing processes:

  • Basic Chemicals including Ethylene, Chlorine, Caustic Soda and its derivatives, VCM, EDC and Specialty Chemicals.
  • The Vinyl Process, which produces general resins used for pipes and fittings, cables, flexible and rigid films, bottles, medical devices, etc.
  • Specialty resins used for flooring, wallpaper, coatings, among others.
  • The Plasticizing Process which produces phthalic anhydride and a wide variety of plasticizers used in plastic resin processing.
  • Phosphates used in food and beverages, soaps and detergents, fertilizers and food supplements.
  • The Composite Process, which produces plastic resins used to produce products with different applications such as medical, industrial and consumer products, products for the construction industry, among others, and calcium-zinc stabilizer used in PVC processing.

The Polymer Solutions business group had net sales of US$3,438 million in 2021; US$2,171 million in 2020, and US$2,334 million in 2019.

Orbia holds rights to a salt dome in Mexico with more than 30 years of potential reserves, a 50% interest in a joint venture for ethylene production in the United States and a 25% interest in a joint venture for brine production in Germany.

The company operates modern production facilities for chlorine, caustic soda, PVC resins, and compounds.

Among the world’s largest producers of PVC resin are Shin-Etsu, Westlake, Formosa Group, INEOS, Xinjiang Zhongtai, Orbia, Oxy, Hubei Yihua and Beiyuan Chemical.


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