Orange Juice reduce obesity problems

A new study suggests that the orange juice helps to reduce the problems caused by obesity, highlighted CitrusBR, an organization that represents the three largest Brazilian orange yoke exporters (Citrosuco, Cutrale and Louis Dreyfus Company).

The orange juice has properties that can contribute to reducing the problems and inflammation caused by obesity. This is what a new study by researchers from the University of Ontario, Canada said, CitrusBR.

Scientists have discovered that the drink has a chemical component that can reduce body fat and even improve mood.

The investigation introduced the nobiletine, a flavonoid extracted from the naranjas, in the rat diet with morbid overweight. The soil composted the symptoms of obesity in mice, a bell that also reduced the accumulation of grease plaques in its arteries, known as atherosclerosis.

“Independent investigations have found that the molecule joins the proteins responsible for stabilizing our circadian rhythm and regulating our metabolism, a process that has helped rodents who have followed a calorie rich diet for 10 weeks to keep thin, even when they are thin. members of the control group won the double of their body weight ”, says CitrusBR.

Orange Juice

Also, the nobbiletine has been associated with reversions in diseases related to the age, such as the reduction of resistance to exercise and the lack of fat, which can cause feelings of anxiety and depression.

Mexico exported orange juice to the United States for a value of 142 million dollars in July 2020, placing itself as the first supplier of this product in the American market.

Brazil, which is the main exporter of orange yoke in the world, placed in the second position, with 91 million dollars.



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