Opportunities for artisans: how to get involved in e-commerce

The government of Mexico and the company UPS announced that they will promote opportunities for artisans with exports through electronic commerce.

To do this, they will create the “Craft Companies in the Digital Economy” program, with four free learning modules.

UPS operates one of the world’s largest airlines, as well as the world’s largest fleet of alternative fuel vehicles.

With that transportation infrastructure, the company delivers packages every business day to approximately 1.7 million shipping customers to 11.8 million delivery customers in more than 220 countries and territories.

In 2020, UPS delivered an average of 24.7 million packages per day, totaling 6.3 billion for the year. Total revenue in 2020 was $ 84.6 billion.

The artisan opportunities program will begin in October and end in December this year in its pilot phase, with the aim of scaling up its scope during spring 2022.

The Ministry of Economy reported that it seeks that artisans are integrated into the digital economy and that the training contains issues of tariffs and commercial regulations, storage, cargo transport and customs agencies, as well as logistics issues for electronic commerce, packaging, consumer experience, among others.

Opportunities for artisans

This program is part of the priorities of the Ministry of Economy for economic recovery through the elimination of trade barriers, providing prosperity and development to the states of the country, promoting the social agenda in trade and supporting MSMEs, people entrepreneurs, especially women and other underrepresented groups, so as not to leave anyone behind.

María Luisa Boyce, vice president of Global Public Affairs at UPS, highlighted the Women Exporters program, with which UPS has been supporting Mexican entrepreneurs since 2019 in collaboration with the International Trade Center (ITC) as part of the SheTrades initiative, which until so far, more than 1,700 female entrepreneurs have been supported with logistics and business training in Latin America.

For her part, Jacqueline García, CEO of Ibee Products, and who, together with UPS, has been able to commercialize gourmet honey to countries such as Qatar, highlighted the benefits that companies gain by developing their commercial capabilities and having logistical allies who understand how it works. and the challenges of SMEs.

The pilot phase of the training program will take place from September 31 to December 10, for companies and / or entrepreneurs who want to be part of these trainings.


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