Novartis announces US $ 50 million in clinical research in Mexico

The pharmaceutical company Novartis will invest 50 million dollars in clinical research in Mexico in the next triennium.

All drug candidates undergo proof-of-concept trials to allow early evaluation of drug safety and efficacy while collecting basic information on pharmacokinetics and tolerability, and adhering to guidelines for early clinical trials established by health authorities.

Following the proof of concept, Novartis’ Global Drug Development unit conducts confirmatory trials on drug candidates.

Novartis intends to create a regional clinical research center in Mexico.

The investment was announced this Wednesday at a press conference given by Fernando Cruz, president of Novartis Mexico, and the undersecretary of Economy, Héctor Guerrero.

In 2021, Novartis contributed $ 400 million to Mexico’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Clinical research

Approximately 5,600 full-time equivalent scientists, physicians and business professionals work at the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR) sites in Basel, Switzerland; Cambridge, Massachusetts; East of Hanover, NJ; San Diego, California; Emeryville, California; and Shanghai, China.

All of them contribute to research in disease areas such as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neuroscience, oncology, muscle disorders, ophthalmology, autoimmune diseases and respiratory diseases.

Research at the Friedrich Miescher Institute and the Novartis Research Foundation Genomics Institute focuses on basic genomics and genetic research, and the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD), in Emeryville, California, focuses on discovering new drugs to combat tropical diseases, including malaria and cryptosporidiosis.

In July 2018, Novartis announced the decision to abandon antibacterial and antiviral research.

While the science behind these programs is compelling, the company decided to prioritize its resources in other areas where it believes it is better positioned to develop innovative drugs that will have a positive impact on patients.

Since then, Novartis has entered into three licensing agreements with Gilead Sciences, Boston Pharmaceuticals, and Amplyx Pharmaceuticals for assets from its infectious disease portfolio.

However, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company began a robust, collaborative drug discovery effort to develop an antiviral molecule to potentially treat all coronaviruses, including the virus that causes Covid-19.

This longer-term effort with the University of California, Berkeley and other drug companies will focus on the self-replicating machinery that coronaviruses share.


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