Notice of Crossing: 19 answers from Conacoopa to CAAAREM

Last Tuesday, the meeting of the National Advisory Council on Customs Operation (Conacoopa) was held on the subject of Notice of Crossing (AVC) and Value and Commercialization Document (DVC).

There, 19 questions were raised and the answers were disseminated by the Confederation of Customs Brokers Associations of the Mexican Republic (CAAAREM).

The meeting was attended by José Marcos García Nieto, General Director of Modernization, Equipment and Infrastructure of the National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM); Blanca Estela Silva Pita, Director of Customs Modernization of ANAM; and Alberto Manuel Martínez Ordoñez, Director of Customs Modernization of ANAM.

Notice of crossing

During the event, answers were given to some questions and doubts regarding the application and functionality of the DVC. These are:

Is it foreseen that the DVC Value and Commercialization Document will be transmitted in all foreign trade operations, or will there be exceptions as is currently the case for key A1 exports in which the Foreign Trade Complement is transmitted?

The exceptions that are currently in the current regulations will be respected.

Where should the folio of the Value and Commercialization Document (DVC) be declared, in the VCA or in the pedimento?

It was indicated that it will be in the VCA and it will be communicated in the bulletins issued by ANAM.

When using the invoice list option, both in the technical document and in the portal, it does not allow specifying the persons or goods corresponding to each invoice that makes up the list. Does this mean that all the information will be “scrambled” without indicating exactly which invoice they correspond to?

This problem was detected in the testing environment and is being solved.

If the value of the merchandise is less than 300 dollars, am I not obliged to present DVC according to RGCE 3.1.8?

You are not obliged according to the current regulations.

In what cases is it possible to make an addendum to the Value and Commercialization Document (DVC)?

Any change may be made before activating the Automated Selection Mechanism, and when it crosses the MSA a new DVC must be prepared.

Will the offices and criteria regarding the COVE be valid for DVC, for example, dollar value discrepancy between COVE and pedimento due to equivalency issues?

The criteria will be established in the operational rules to be issued for this purpose.

What fines will be applied for DVC, since the fines indicated in 184-B are applicable to COVE?

The same will apply, since they refer to the transmission of the document of value.

Will the information transmitted through the DVC be consumed by the SAAI and will the validation of the DVC declared in the Pedimento be carried out, considering the non-justifiable validation errors?

Yes, it will be considered.

What are the characteristics and size of the invoice/documents to be scanned within the .json and will it be a single document or can it be several in the same request?

Several documents can be scanned.

Is the discount field declared in percentage or monetary?

The amount that comes in the value document is declared.

What data can be declared in the “other expenses” field, for example, can I declare incremental expenses that are itemized in the invoice?

Yes, all the expenses that are declared in the value document.

In the fields for supplier, recipient and buyer, fields such as first name, first surname, second surname appear, however, in general, suppliers, buyers and recipients are not natural persons, therefore, will it be possible to leave blank the fields that do not apply?

Yes, they can be left blank, as these fields are optional.

Regarding the “add merchandise” field, is there any limit to capture items or items?

There is no limit.

Regarding the “models-submodels and serial numbers” fields, is there a limit to the amount of data that can be captured?

There is no limit.

Will this information be reflected in the Datastage?

No, since only pedimento data is reported here and the DVC information will be declared in the VCA.

Regarding the “Currency Type” field, it is mentioned that it corresponds to the ISO Catalog, but it is not specified exactly which one?

It is ISO 4213

Do you have a date for the publication of the catalogs?

By the end of this week, they will be published.

For example, if I upload the invoice to the DVC, should I also generate the E-document to the pedimento?

For the moment yes, until the DVC is stable.

What will happen with the consolidated pedimentos that mix COVE and DVC shipments?

Both must be declared during the transition period.


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